Receive a validation code to get free McDonald’s or a discount on McDonald’s products when you participate in the McDonald’s Feedback Tell Us About Your Visit online customer survey. McDonald’s are in need of customer feedback. Being the largest fast food chain worldwide McDonald’s need to stay on top of their game with the quality of their products, stores and services.

By participating in the McDonald’s online customer survey you are providing them with valuable feedback and ideas on how to keep their customers happy and returning to their stores. Taking this very easy and quick to do survey allows you as the customers to have a say in what you like or don’t like about McDonald’s restaurants.

McDonald’s Feedback Tell Us About Your Visit Survey


1. A computer, tablet, laptop or another similar device.
2. A connection to the internet.
3. A receipt from a recent purchase at a McDonald’s restaurant.

McDVOice Survey |


1. Open your favorite web browser and type the following website address in:
2. When the page opens you will be asked to enter the following details:
3. The store number where you made your purchase. This information is on your receipt.
4. The KS number. This is also on your receipt. See the image for details.
5. The date of your visit.
6. The time of your visit.
7. Your order number.
8. Then you need to put in the amount you spent.
9. Then click ‘Next’.
10. If you wish to complete the survey in Spanish you can select that option here.
11. On the pages that follow you will be asked questions regarding your recent visit to a McDonald’s Restaurant. The questions will be about how you felt about various aspects of the service you received, the products and the atmosphere of the venue.
12. You should answer all the questions as honestly as you can even if your experience was not a positive one.
13. When you have completed the survey you will be given a validation code. Write that code on your receipt.

You have now completed the survey. The next time you visit a McDonald’s restaurant take your old receipt with the validation code written on it and present it to the McDonald’s employee when making your order and you will receive free McDonald’s or a discount on McDonald’s items for taking part in the McDonald’s online customer survey.

Recent Feedback Reports:

Name: Daisy
Store Location: Inglewood
State: CA
Date: March 3, 2014
Subject: Terrible coffee
Feedback Report:

I went there for a cup of favored coffee, and as usually, the machine was not working. So I asked for regular coffee and it tasted like Epson Salt water. I took it back to the counter and asked for another cup believing it was just old coffee, but the second cup was just as bad. I added lots of cream and sugar but nothing changed that terrible taste. I have tasted a lot of coffee and never in my 61 years none that tasted like that. I have also notice that depending on the area you are in dictates the freshness and taste of the food. In the minority neighborhoods the biscuits are extremely salty, the sausage is greasy. We should not have to receive any worst food than any one else, ALL MONEY IS GREEN.

Name: kayla
Store Location: 7500 pulaski highway
State: maryland
Date: 05/08/14
Feedback Report:

I ordered 2 sweet teas and a large m & m mcflurie. I sat there for about 10 minutes waiting in line then they gave me my teas they were fine (finally) then I waited another 2 minutes for my mcflurie and I received the smallest cup and halfway filled with icecreamwith literly probably about 5 m& ms. I went back around and showed the lady she gave me a dirty look with an attitude. Told me to park and wait. I literly parked and watched her make it and I sat there another 10 minutes then finally received another mcflurie with a couple more m&ms & still berly any icecream. Never will I go here again and its sad I have to travel now. Please let your employees know just because you put a couple m&ms on top of the icecream dont mean its a mcflurie. I tried to take a picture but my phone was dead. Literly no exaggeration.

Name: Deborah Holtz
Store Location: Store:18447
State: Walnut Exit
Date: 06/04/14
Subject: Disappointed
Feedback Report:

Dear Steve Lener owner of the Mcdonalds at the Walnut Exit,

On June 4,2014, I took my grandsons to mcdonalds for lunch.there was one car ahead of us and no one behind us, my boys are big eaters. We placed an order of 2 Big Mac combos, 3 prem mcwraps, and 2big kids meals. The time we placed our older was 1:31 pm and got our drinks and was asked to pull ahead. I don’t mind waiting most of the time. At 1:40 a lady came out and said they were waiting on the chicken for the wraps it will be 4 mins. Gave me 2cards for a free sandwich. Finally at 1:58 she brought out our food to us with 3more cards. Seriously waiting almost an half hour for our food and spending $34.95, I could of just as we’ll taken them across the driveway to Emma Jeans. I feel your staff new they screwed up by giving me 5 cards. Seriously 10 vehicles went through the drive thru whilie we were waiting. I know Steve would not like to know this is how they are treating the local people at Walnut, yes I know you store gets a lot of interstate customers but walnut helps support that store during the down months. I,m very disappointed from our trip to mcdonalds and I don’t like spending my money and getting the shaft, I and my husband don’t even like Big Macs. This was suppose to be an enjoyable meal for my grandsons and myself and we all left disappointed. As for the food the French fries were cold and the double cheese burgers were cold, if l would of went back in the store to complain about our cold food it might of gotten pretty ugly! I want you know this isn’t the first time we have been screwed going Thursday your drive thur. If you want to contact me X XXX XXXX XXXX!

Name: jane mills
Store Location: salisbury
State: nc
Date: july 5, 2014
Subject: need help to enter receipt
Feedback Report:

your system will not let me enter info from my receipts for the free burgers. I have several receipts.